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New and improved coal mines are boosting productivity

21/10/2013 09:45 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
BHP Billiton has opened the latest in a series of mines with partners Mitsubishi. The coal coking mine came in under budget by $250m and finished months ahead of schedule. The partnership is currently undergoing a series of efficiency measures to increase productivity at a lower cost.

Natural gas continues to create jobs in Queensland

16/10/2013 03:15 PM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Queensland Coal Seam Gas-Liquid Natural Gas (CSG-LNG) industry is supporting tens of thousands of employees in the state. As more investment and development goes into the area, including a new offshore LNG plant, this lucrative industry has put $60bn into it in counting.

Mining boom still going strong say top CEOs

15/10/2013 09:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Industry leaders have recently commented that the Australian mining boom is not a thing of the past. While certain areas have faltered, it’s possible to reinvigorate the mining industry with smart investment and a plan to make the most of the abundant natural resources.

Will you head North for the next energy boom?

11/10/2013 01:07 PM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The energy market continues to remain lucrative for Australia as investors predict the next booming area. As companies move to snap up the mining licenses for the Outback territory in Northern Australia, what impact could this have on jobs?

Australia to become ‘one stop energy shop’

10/10/2013 09:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The newly created Department of Industry have recently announced plans to align their vision for Australian energy and resources with the industry. The aim is to unleash the potential of the untapped wealth of Australia’s resources.

New investment to re-discover hidden depths of South Australia’s Cooper-Eromanga Basin

04/10/2013 12:00 PM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Southern Australian Government has granted Senex Energy an oil and gas exploration license in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin. Experts predict that this area could return to its peak production heyday and create hundreds of new jobs in the area.

Drillsearch doubles oil and gas production forecasts for the year

03/10/2013 08:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Drillsearch have reported record-breaking profits from 2012/2013 financial year, which saw them take $45m. As their oil and gas production predictions have doubled, along with an increase in investment funding, what could this mean for employment?

FIFO charity initiative asks “R U OK?”

01/10/2013 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
R U OK? Charity is setting out to ensure that FIFO workers don’t become overburdened with the stresses and pressures of the lifestyle. Leaving family and friends while working long, unsociable hours are factors that can have a definite effect on the mental health of mining workers.

How to stand out as an a mining engineer

27/09/2013 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Learn how to stay ahead of the game with our top tips on standing out as a mining engineer.

Are robot miners making your job easier?

25/09/2013 07:28 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Autonomous Hauling System (AHS) has been improving conditions and productivity in the Rio Tinto iron ore mines since 2008. The wirelessly controlled vehicles are making working in the mines safer and easier for the human workers, who now focus on the highly skilled drilling and surveying work.

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