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New ABS Figures Show Top Wages in Mining Industry

28/01/2013 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released last week show the mining boom is continuing to drive wages in the resources industry. The Employee Earnings and Hours report is published in Australia every two years. It provides statistics on employee earnings and the number of hours worked. The information is broken down in a variety of ways including industry, gender and location.

How Women Can Ace the Interview in Male-Dominated Jobs

21/01/2013 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
As you know, the Australian resources industry is looking to increase female participation in the workforce to 25% across all sectors and job categories. AWRA, the Australian Women in Resources Alliance, is the industry initiative spearheading the way forward to meeting this goal. Still, women are competing with men for the best jobs in the Australian resources industry so it’s imperative they are equally effective in every step of their job search.

Friendly Reminder: Remain Vigilant about Workplace Safety

11/01/2013 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Australian resources industry provides one of the safest work environments for people working in mining, energy and oil and gas. As the extended holiday season winds down and many people return to work after a relaxing break, WorkSafe has issued a reminder that workplace safety should remain a top priority. If you’re starting a new job or entering the industry for the first time, make sure you understand the safety requirements for your job and your work site. Don’t forget about working safe in the heat.

The Secret Behind a Successful Resume

04/01/2013 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
A recent poll revealed a startling problem common to jobseekers. When we asked people to tell us about their resume, it quickly become obvious why so many people are having trouble landing their dream job. The good news is the problem is easily fixed.

Special Report: Anatomy of a Job Scam

02/01/2013 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Job scams are rife in the resources industry with new varieties cropping up every day. Just before the Christmas break, we discovered an outfit attempting to run a job scam on the Mining Oil and Gas Jobs site. We immediately removed all the jobs attached to the scam and notified jobseekers who had applied for these jobs. We also got an inside look into how a job scam is run and the warning signs for jobseekers.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting an Expat Job in Australia

19/12/2012 01:51 PM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Some of our most popular posts this year have been about the engineering skills shortage and how Australia is looking to migrant workers and temporary skilled workers to fill the gap. We hear from many frustrated engineers who would like to work in Australia but are having a hard time breaking in. This post lends insight into why and what candidates can do to secure an assignment in Australia.

Keeping the Black Dog at Bay During the Holidays

19/12/2012 01:44 PM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The holidays are upon us and with it comes a busy season of family gatherings, parties, work functions and social obligations. In Australia, the summer holiday moves into high gear with school getting out and a lot of people taking annual leave. But this time of the year can be a difficult time and crazy rosters and world events might leave you feeling lonely and stressed despite the festive season. The black dog of depression is lurking around.

The Hard Part About Holiday Rosters and the FIFO Life

17/12/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Did you hear about the warning not to call in sick during the holidays issued to FIFO workers in the Pilbara last week? The news was widely reported in industry publications and mainstream media. The gist of the story was an employer told FIFO workers the only excuse they had for not showing to work over the holidays was ‘death’ and they expected to see a death certificate to prove it. While it brewed up a small storm of criticism about whether it was ethical or even legal to issue such a notice, it’s important to understand the motivation behind the not so tongue-in-cheek warning.

Demand for Engineering Skills on the Rise in Australia

06/12/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
We’ve reported before about the engineering skills shortage in Australia but a new paper from Engineers Australia shows demand for engineers continues unabated. The Changes in the Australian Engineering Labour Market report release last week shows an increase of more than 30% 2006 and 2011.

Chevron Gorgon Project Hits Employment Milestone

05/12/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Last week WA Department of Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien recognised an employment milestone connected with the Chevron Gorgon project. The CB&I Kentz Joint Venture hired their 1,000th employee. The contract, valued at $2.2 billion will eventually create more than 1,650 local jobs. The big news, in our opinion, has to do with future traineeships and apprenticeships on the project.

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