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Year in Review - 2011

31/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
At the end of every week, we post a list of the best news articles we read on the web. This week, on the last day of 2011, we're posting the articles we enjoyed the most since we started our blog in September.

Jobs by email at AMMA

30/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs

Did you know you can have jobs advertised at AMMA delivered to your email inbox? With a few easy clicks, you will be the first one to know when your potential dream job comes available.

Jobseekers: Have you added Skills to your LinkedIn profile?

29/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
A new feature on LinkedIn might just be a game changer. The new ‘skills’ feature is a way to differentiate yourself from other jobseekers in a competitive market and put you in front of the competition.

Cyclone safety: Miners prepare for the cyclone season

28/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
With cyclones brewing off the coast of WA, we thought we’d have a look at something that is a reality of life in some of our biggest mining regions.

WA’s population booming along with the economy

27/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Australia’s latest population figures have been released, showing Western Australia has the fastest growing population in the nation. It’s the fifth time WA has taken out top honours (if you can regard it as a competition – and we sort of do) and there can be little doubt why.

Top 10 Blog Posts from AMMA

26/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Inspired by the Boxing Day tradition of eating leftovers, AMMA is sharing the most popular posts from our blog at the Careers and Industry Guide. Here are the most widely read articles we've published since we started in August.

Merry Christmas from AMMA

25/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
AMMA wishes you a safe and happy holiday season. 

Week in Review - 24 December 2011

24/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
While everyone starts to slow down for the silly season, news about the resources industry keeps marching on. This week we found plenty of stories about big wages and the effects of migration – both intrastate and international. While Rio Tinto moves into farming, new research from EMSI shows the resources industry is one of the best places to be in a down economy. But you already knew that.

Videos tell story of life on the mines in Australia

23/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
On this blog we like to provide good advice for people thinking about getting a job in the mines, but sometimes you can’t beat hearing things “from the horse’s mouth”. Today we thought we’d share some first-hand accounts from the Mining Oil and Gas Jobs YouTube channel about what it’s like to work in the mines.

Billions in WA projects means 100,000 jobs in mining

22/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The West Australian Government has released new figures showing the incredible size and scope of the state’s mining industry. The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum’s 2010-11 statistics digest shows more than $300 billion worth of resources projects are either underway or in advanced planning in WA.

Mining Skills and Salaries: A Consultants Perspective

21/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
A recent blog post from Jack Caldwell in I Think Mining argues employers must pay top rates to good employees if they expect success in their operations. When we asked him what advice he would give someone who wanted to break into mining, he didn’t mince words.

Unemployed urged to skill-up and consider a mining career

20/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Australian Bureau of Statistics has just released new figures showing 1.4 million unemployed adult Australians want a job. We can’t help but think of all the blogs we’ve written over the past few months outlining how bad the skills shortage is and how many hundreds of thousands of jobs are being created in the mining industry over the next few years.

VETASSESS: The One-Stop Shop for Moving to Australia for Work

19/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Are you a skilled worker thinking about moving to Australia to take a job in the country’s booming mining industry? Have you been put off applying by the amount of paperwork or been confused by some of the prerequisites? Well, hopefully we can help end some of the confusion.

Impressions of Australian Mining Country

18/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
If you’re looking for something to do during the school holidays, especially something suitable for a family outing, escape to the cool confines of the FORM gallery on Murray Street in Perth. Belgian artist ROA is exhibiting artwork inspired by his trip to mining country in Western Australia.

Week in Review – 17 December 2011

17/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Despite the fluctuating commodity prices, the news this week says the Australian resource industry is in a strong position and job growth continues, especially for women. A cool new product was announced to help mine safety and power emissions are being cut in a new project using algae and biomass fuels.

7 Reasons to Treat the Work Party Like Work and Not a Party

16/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
It’s the end of the year and everyone looks forward to cutting loose at the company holiday party. Think twice, it might be the worst thing you could do.

Why green energy will be part of the next resources boom

15/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
One way or another it has been a big year for the resources industry in Australia. But amongst the legislative changes that will affect the industry, it appears there is some good news for those with skills valuable to the renewables sector. We thought we’d have a look at what the changes to the renewable energy sector are and how you can be best placed to take advantage as the sector grows by an expected 18 times over the next 40 years.

Stars get behind apprenticeships and traineeships

14/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
What do footy coaching legend Kevin Sheedy, chef Neil Perry, TV’s landscaping expert Jody Rigby, former Geelong captain Cameron Ling and former NRL star Andrew Ryan have in common? They all did an apprenticeship.

Need help convincing the kids to move to Australia?

13/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
With big wages on offer for those with skills in high demand, the Australian mining industry is attracting workers from around the world. But despite the great opportunities on offer, not everyone feels as free to emigrate. What might be a snap decision for a single man or woman, becomes much harder when you’ve got to consider uprooting the whole family.

What Jobseekers Should Know About Lazy Registration

12/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
An online job search can be cumbersome and frustrating. Registrations, passwords and a multitude of forms to fill out make you pine for the good old days when automation meant using a typewriter. The AMMA uses a lazy registration system that takes all the hassle out of your job search.

New articles in our Alternative Energy section

11/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
A bunch of exciting new articles are up in our Alternative Energy section. If you are interested in the rapidly emerging renewable energy industry, you will definitely want to read these.

Week in Review – 10 December 2011

10/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The mining boom hit the news in the biggest way this week with Western Australia announcing a %16.4 jump in annual growth. When we weren’t talking about the economy, exploration and expansion of the resources industry was in the news. In between, we found a couple good articles on renewable energy.

What’s It Really Like to Live on a Mine Site? - VIDEO

09/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
It’s one thing to read about living on a mining site, but unless you’ve been there, it can be hard to imagine. If you’re interested in a mining job, keep reading.

Latest Jobs Figures Show More Mining Jobs on Offer

08/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The latest jobs figures will be released this week. By all reports, jobs growth is still looking a little weak except for the mining industry. Another indicator released earlier this week suggests more and more jobs are on offer.

G’day Mate: Communication tips for working in Australia

07/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
If you’re moving to Australia to start a new career, learning how to communicate with the natives can be useful. Australians tend to be informal in their speech. To someone new to the culture, we can seem blunt or even rude.

Scholarships on offer for students wanting a mining industry career

06/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
If you’re thinking about studying a subject like engineering or environmental science with a view to getting a job in the mining industry in the future, now’s the time to do some serious research into how you can get a little bit of a leg-up – with a scholarship.

102 projects under construction as resources boom takes hold

05/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Twenty coal mines, 17 oil and gas fields and 13 iron ore mines: what do they have in common? They’re all under construction in Australia right now.

No easy answer for Australian skills shortage

04/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs

As the resources sector struggles with workforce planning, no one has an easy answer to fill the thousands of jobs needed in the Australian mining and energy sectors.

Week in Review – 3 December 2011

03/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
If you’re working in the mining sector, it was good news this week to hear pay rises are higher than any other industry. We also read about the skills demand for the oil and gas sector and plans for a mining-focused MBA program in Canada.

Need a resume? We can help

02/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
One of the most important documents in your career planning is a professional resume. Whether you’re a new graduate, changing jobs or starting a new career altogether, a professionally written resume can make a big difference in the way you’re viewed by hiring managers.

Mining isn’t a man’s world – female workers are in demand

01/12/2011 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Mining - you probably think it’s a man’s world. Not true.

In the present day, women are in demand. We thought we’d have a look at one scheme helping get women into hard hats down the mines.

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