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5 Tips for Jobseekers Concerning the New Facebook Timeline

31/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
In just a few days, Facebook is starting to convert the traditional ‘Wall’ into the new ‘Timeline’ format for each and every Facebook user. If you’re looking for a job, it makes a lot of sense for you to get your Facebook house in order BEFORE this change happens.

Can the Right Attitude Land You a Job?

30/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Did you know 46% of newly hired people fail at their job within the first 18 months? According to an article in Forbes magazine, the most surprising thing is the vast majority of these people are technically competent to do their job. So what’s the problem?

SAVE THE DATE: AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs Expo

29/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Are you trying to break into mining? Feeling like it’s time to make a career move? Curious about what’s going on in the Australian resource industry? Then make sure to head down to the AMMA Jobs Expo.

Week in Review – 28 January 2012

28/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
You would think the week leading up to Australia Day would be slow on the news front, but you’d be wrong. WA is leading the way on Australian growth. The economy needs the resources industry to keep us in good stead and a new mining college has been announced to keep up with the demand for skilled workers. The industry is also attracting a new crop of job scammers.

Hiring Managers Tell How to Impress Them in an Interview

27/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Everyone knows making a good impression in an interview goes a long way towards landing the job you want. While there are many “do’s and don’ts” surrounding the interview process, we wondered if there’s a fool proof way to make a good impression.

Australia Day: Living and Working in the Lucky Country

26/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Happy Australia Day! We hope everyone gets a chance to relax a bit today, take in the fireworks and enjoy the summer weather. If you’re going to the beach, relaxing at home or making a long weekend of it, AMMA wishes you a fun and safe holiday.

Workplace Bullying: How to Become a Supportive Bystander

25/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
So much has been written over the past years about workplace bullying. Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety and anti-discrimination laws explicitly protect victims from bullying and empower employers to take action against bullies. It’s a rare workplace that doesn’t have a policy against bullying. But one area not frequently discussed is the supportive bystander.

Reaching new career heights: :An insight into modern FIFO living

24/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
It’s estimated more than half of Australia’s resource workers are living the fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) or drive-in, drive out (DIDO) lifestyle, yet there are still many misconceptions about what life is really like in a remote mining village.

What Every Jobseeker Should Know About AMMA

23/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
You’ve probably heard us say we’re owned and operated by the Australian resource industry. A lot of other groups are claiming to be industry insiders. Why do we at AMMA believe we’re best positioned to advise jobseekers and help them plan oil careers or find jobs in mining? What do we have that makes us different and sets us apart from all the other companies claiming they can help people find jobs in Australia? Keep reading to find out.

Warning About Energy Drinks

22/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
One of the best pick-me-ups for a tough FIFO roster or a long shift is a shot of caffeine. A recent report from the Medical Journal of Australia warns about a new trend in caffeine poisonings occurring throughout Australia. The biggest culprit is energy drinks.

Week in Review – 21 January 2012

21/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
New Zealand is feeling the pinch after workers head east for mining jobs in Australia. The Ichthys project has been approved creating oil industry jobs for a new LNG plant – 3000 onshore jobs and another 1000 offshore jobs. As thousands of openings come available for mining jobs, Australia is scrambling to fill the slots. Any way you look at it, the mining boom is making a big impact on the Australian economy.

Leave It Off Your Resume: Resources Employers Advise Jobseekers

20/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Is your resume making a potential employer uncomfortable? Is something you’ve included in the hopes of making a good impression doing the exact opposite? We asked hiring managers in the resources industry what they wish jobseekers would leave off their resumes. Some of the advice flies in the face of what you may know to be true.

Jobseeking Behaviour That Will Get You in Trouble Every Time

19/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Whether you’re trying to get a job in mining, applying for energy jobs or planning the next step in an oil career, certain behaviours will land you in hot water every time. Earlier in the week we spoke about how your social media activity can eliminate you from consideration. Here are a few more traditional ways to offend a hiring manager.

Drill Down: An Introduction to Mining Course

18/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Want to get true insight into what it's like to work in the mines? Wonder if you're cut out for the fly-in, fly-out lifestyle? Want to put yourself ahead of the rest of the contenders trying to break into mining? Maybe a new course offered by the Mining Industry Skill Centre is just what you need.

Financial Advice Every FIFO Worker Should Know From Someone Who Learned the Hard Way

17/01/2012 05:00 AM / Brett Gilbert, the FIFO Bachelor
To say we’re happy to have Brett Gilbert - The Fly-In, Fly-Out Bachelor - guest post is an understatement. We’re way beyond thrilled. Hang on for straight talk about finances from someone who’s lived the mining life and learned some hard lessons along the way.

Want Work in the Resources Industry? Clean Your Online House!

16/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
So you want a job in the mines. Or maybe you’re dying to get work on an oil rig. Despite the thousands of jobs opening almost daily in the Australian resource industry, it’s still tough to break in if you don’t have site experience. If you have questionable content attached to your online activity, you can probably kiss your chances goodbye.

Gold in Numbers, All the Numbers - INFOGRAPHIC

15/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Ever wonder how much gold gets mined every year? Or how much gold is above ground already? Want to know what countries mine the most gold or what gold prices are going to do? No other metal has captured the imagination like gold which is why we love this new infographic from Number Sleuth.

Week in Review – 14 January 2012

14/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
If you are a miner or working in the oil and gas sector in Australia’s NorthWest, there was really only one story – Cyclone Heidi. The news of the Ichthys LNG project approval made us take note, especially with the announcement of over 4,000 new jobs being created. A discussion about training and the skills shortage on our LinkedIn discussion group caught our eye, too. If you missed any of it this week, now’s your chance to catch up.

Critical Elements of a Resume: What Hiring Managers Have to Know

13/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining OIl and Gas Jobs
You may have produced a beautiful resume but does it actually contain the information most important to your success? We asked hiring managers and resume experts in the Australian resources industry what they want to see in a resume. The answers might surprise you.

What is a Geologist? – Part 2

12/01/2012 05:00 AM / Dr. Phil Hall for AMMA
Yesterday, Dr. Phil Hall generously shared his expert view of the broad field of geology. He described what a geologist is and what they do. Today he lends valuable insight into what it’s like to work as a geologist

What is a Geologist? – Part 1

11/01/2012 05:00 AM / Dr. Phil Hall for AMMA
If you’re just starting out or coming from a different sector, the term geologist might not be familiar. Dr. Phil Hall, a geologist from the U.K. lends his insight into the profession.

6 Great Reasons for Jobseekers to Complete a Candidate Profile

10/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
If you’re a jobseeker looking for work in the resources industry – mining, oil and gas, or energy – it’s in your best interest to complete your profile at AMMA Here’s why.

Cool Petroleum Info: Students get ready!

09/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA
Last week we ran across two excellent pieces of information concerning the petroleum industry. Check these out if you’re a student, working in the oil and gas industry, or want to brush up on your petroleum trivia.

Resources Industry Awards for Women

08/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA
The Queensland Resources Council has announced their 2012 Resources Awards for Women. This is your chance to nominate yourself or another person you find inspiring in the Queensland resources industry.

Week in Review – 7 January 2012

07/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA
Despite a short week due to the New Year holiday, the resources industry still made plenty of news. A new report from Deloitte about mining trends was widely covered and we got in on the act with a blog post that elicited a lot of comment. The economy is still benefitting from resources boom. Drug testing at mine sites and wind power also caught our eye.

Common Resume Problems: Hiring Managers Share Their Observations

06/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA
This week begins a new feature on the AMMA blog. We’ve asked employer hiring managers from the resources industry along with industry experts to weigh in on a number of topics relating to the hiring process and career planning. Every Friday, for the next 8 weeks, we’ll pose a different question.

Our Top 10 Favourite Posts at AMMA

05/01/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA
Last week we shared our 10 most popular blog posts. While those were all good, we have our own favourites. Today we’re sharing those posts we think deserve a bit more attention. Get ready for some juicy reading.

Mining Engineering Student: Oil sands summer internship

04/01/2012 05:00 AM / Omar Aboulezz, Queen's University
We're thrilled to introduce guest blogger Omar Aboulezz, a mining engineering student from Queen's University in Canada. In today's post, he shares valuable insight into a recent summer internship he experienced for a major oil sands producer in Canada.

New report suggests unconventional solutions for mining skills shortage

03/01/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Just when you think there couldn’t be anything left to say about the skills shortage, a new report comes out suggesting mining companies must bridge the talent gap with a long-term, creative and possibly unconventional approach.

Big Plans for 2012 at AMMA

01/01/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
As we turn the corner on a new year, we’re really excited about the year ahead. As with everything, our main focus continues to be helping jobseekers find employment and plan careers in the resource industry – mining, oil & gas, energy and renewable energy. Here’s what we have in store for 2012.

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