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3 Tips for Appearing Confident in the Job Interview (Even When You’re Not)

Posted: 2/07/2012 5:00:00 AM by AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Filed under: Job-seekers, Career-resources

Do you remember your last interview? Whether it was just yesterday or last century, it’s one meeting most people would like to avoid. Why? For most of us, the interview is an all-important hurdle between where you are and where you want to be. With so much riding on one meeting, it’s only natural to feel anxious. But showing your nerves isn’t going to help you get the job.

Master the handshake

It may sound ridiculous but a bad handshake can cost you a job. The short video below gives the basics. Keep in mind, handshake and handshake etiquette apply to both men and women. You should shake hands with both sexes in the same manner. This is not a place to discriminate.

Make eye contact

The video mentions the importance of eye contact as part of a handshake. You should make eye contact immediately and continue to look directly at the interviewer throughout the meeting. That’s not to say you should stare or bore a virtual hole in their face with your gaze. (Creeping out the interviewer is a bad idea!) You should demonstrate your interest in the job by paying attention to what they’re saying. You can do that by making eye contact just as you do when speaking with your best mate.


You might be surprised how effective a smile can be. When you smile, especially when you’re already making eye contact, you’re giving a signal that you’re open and friendly. This is incredibly important for interviews involving mining or offshore jobs. Remember, you’re not only being assessed for your skills. In FIFO situations, you’re also being considered for your ability to get along within an existing community of workers.

Here’s the good thing about a smile, even if you have to remind yourself to do it. The physical act of smiling actually reduces stress. Still not convinced about the importance of smiling? Read 10 Hidden Benefits of Smiling for a scientific explanation.

More interview advice

Our Careers and Industry Guide has a comprehensive section on The Job Interview designed to help you prepare for any situation a prospective employer might throw at you. Make sure to review the entire Career Resources section. It’s filled with valuable information developed especially for people in the resources industry.

What is your advice for appearing confident in an interview?

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