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Week in Review – 31 March 2012

31/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Shortages, shortage and more shortages was the theme this week in the resources news. NECA is predicting future shortages in electrician supply and Engineers Australia is saying we won’t have enough engineers, either. Rio Tinto is looking to sell their diamond mines and a federal inquiry into FIFO comes to WA.

This may seem obvious but it needs to be said

30/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
We speak with jobseekers every single day all over Australia and know a lot of people are struggling to break into the resource industry. Some of you are even feeling a little desperate about the whole situation. We’re seeing one behaviour on a fairly regular basis that will guarantee you’ll never get a job.

19 Skills Experiencing Permanent Vacancies

29/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
We’ve been reporting on critical skills needed by the Australian resource industry. The Mining Industry Skills Centre has produced a comprehensive report called the Heartbeat Project which delves into future workforce demand. While common themes in the skills shortage have emerged, we think it’s helpful to understand just how these critical skills rank in terms of permanent vacancies.

15 Types of People Who Should Attend Our Jobs Expo

28/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
AMMA is hosting an inaugural Jobs Expo for people in Western Australia. It’s a free event held over three days including a Saturday. Our aim is to ensure everyone who attends leaves with valuable information about employment and career planning in the Australian resource industry and allied services.

Skills Vacuum Created by Ageing Workforce

27/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
An ageing workforce in the resource industry presents challenges for employers and opportunities for jobseekers. It won’t be long before new skills enter the critical need stage due to the high percentage of over 55’s currently employed.

Why You Should Leave Your Photo Off Your Resume

26/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
A recent post at the Harvard Business Review Blog Network advises women to leave photographs off their resume. In a digital age where it’s common to provide a photo for every social media profile, including Facebook and LinkedIn, putting one on your resume could actually hurt your chances of getting a job.

Macmahon 2013 Graduate Program Now Open

25/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
If you’re working on an engineering degree and expect to be finished this year, you might want to have a look at the Macmahon Graduate Program. Expressions of interest are currently being taken for ambitious and enthusiastic students in a variety of engineering and HSE disciplines.

Week in Review – 24 March 2012

24/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Our blog tackled some of the myths about bringing in foreign workers with a ‘must read’ post about migration. The good news of the week centred around a new ‘tradies’ training scheme announced by PM Gillard to get Australians up-skilled and re-skilled. While everyone had their eye on Port Hedland and Cyclone Lua, Mother Nature walloped Townsville with an unexpected tornado. Miners were warned to watch their weight as some of the big mining companies reportedly have a 120kg weight limit that applies to jobseekers, as well.

The Big 5 Critical Skill Sets in the Resource Industry

23/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Five skills sets are considered to be extremely critical for the long-term growth of the resource industry. Workers wanting oil and gas jobs, energy jobs or mining jobs in Australia would be well advised to pursue education or training to qualify for one of these roles. Additionally, a worker with some industry experience or skills in any of these areas may want to consider up-skilling or re-skilling to complete a qualification.

Critical Job Roles Needed by the Resource Industry

22/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The resource industry in Australia has undertaken a special project to help facilitate workforce planning. Part of this project is to identify critical job roles for the industry and, significantly, the key roles suffering the most exposure when it comes to current supply. Here’s the good news for nearly everyone seeking a mining job or an energy career – skilled trades are in demand just as much as professions requiring university degrees.

The Battle of the Bulge

21/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Recent reports indicate a growing number of miners are having trouble maintaining a healthy weight. It’s no surprise when you consider the long shifts most mining jobs require. Compound it with a camp kitchen offering plenty of food and even people who never experienced a weight problem before may begin to see a creep on the bathroom scales. The problem isn’t limited to current employees. Employers are beginning to consider the weight of jobseekers, too.

Migrants, myths and mistruths: The use of overseas workers in the resource industry

20/03/2012 05:00 AM / Jules Pedrosa, Manager of Migration Services, AMMA
As mainstream media coverage continues to recount the myths and mistruths, AMMA’s Manager of Migration Services Jules Pedrosa has provided us with the real story about the use of migrant workers in the resource industry.

It’s Time to Get On Your Bike

19/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Have you ever had one of those moments when you wanted to do something to help but weren’t sure what? Steve Andrews from Black Dog Ride (BDR) knows what that feels like. Wanting to help bring awareness about depression and suicide prevention, he hopped on a motorcycle in a one-man attempt to ‘do something’. As it turns out, a lot of people felt like that was something they could do, too.

Engineers Australia looking for EngQuest 2012 volunteers

18/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Engineers Australia has sent out an appeal for all engineers in Australia to get involved in the EngQuest initiative. Designed to encourage little kids and young children to think about engineering careers, EngQuest works with primary and middle schools to build awareness about engineering.

Week in Review – 17 March 2012

17/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
It doesn’t take long before we come around to our two favourite subjects – the resources boom and the skills shortage. Most jobseekers already know it’s not easy breaking in but it was encouraging to read the real demand for workers is going to start rolling out over the next three years. Gina Rinehart is going ahead with a new mining project and Rio Tinto created a mining chair at the University in New South Wales. While we might all be thinking green for St. Patrick’s Day, in WA it’s all about gold.

Downer Mining Vacation Experience 2012 - 2013

16/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Want to know how to get a leg up on other mining graduates when it comes time for your job search to begin? By participating in a vacation work experience program when you’re still studying, you’ll have the opportunity to get practical experience that can help you secure your dream job once you’ve graduated. Downer EDI is currently advertising for their 2012-2013 programme.

APPEA Oil and Gas Scholarship Winner Reflects on Winning Prestigious Award

15/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Inaugural scholarship winner, Elvis Nguyen from the University of Adelaide, tells us about the benefits of winning this prestigious award.

APPEA Oil and Gas Scholarships for Indigenous Australians and Engineering

14/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Ltd (APPEA) has announced two oil and gas industry scholarships, one of which is specifically for Indigenous Australians. Each scholarship is applicable in any field of engineering for undergraduate degrees.

Real Jobs by Real Employers at AMMA Jobs Expo

13/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The AMMA Jobs Expo is now open for registration. From 24-26 March we’re going to be hosting a huge event in Perth at the Burswood Convention Centre providing the opportunity for jobseekers to speak directly with employers about mining jobs, oil careers, jobs in gas, and energy jobs.

Why You Should Hug a Plumber

12/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Yesterday was World Plumbing Day. We didn't want the event to go by without giving a hat tip to the men and women who ensure we have a safe supply of drinking water and our waste is managed properly. A big part of the mining construction industry, plumbers play a vital role in every mining and oil and gas project in Australia.

Mining Sculpture Takes Top Prize

11/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The rest of the country might be battling challenging weather conditions but the skies are shining in Western Australia. There's no better evidence of that than at Cottesloe Beach, home of the current Sculptures by the Sea exhibit. Even there, the mining industry is front and centre of mind.

Week in Review - 10 March 2012

10/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
International Women’s Day drove a lot of news this week. AMMA announced their new Way Forward paper, the Women in Resources awards were announced and lots of coverage over wage disparity between men and women was reported. New projects are on the cards and the mining and resources jobs are on the increase even as other sectors experience a shrinking jobs market.

7 Ways to Make a Positive Impression With Your Future Employer

09/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Australian resource industry needs tens of thousands of skilled and semi-skilled workers over the next three to five years to ensure all the mining, oil and gas, and energy projects get off the ground. Just because employers have a huge demand for workers does not mean you’re guaranteed a job. In fact, competition for entry-level jobs and semi-skilled positions is tough. So what can you do to put yourself ahead of the pack?

International Women’s Day marks movement to increase gender diversity in resource industry

08/03/2012 05:00 AM / Minna Knight, AWRA spokesperson and director of AMMA
As today’s International Women’s Day (IWD) prepares to celebrate the economic, political and social importance of women right across the globe, a national movement is underway to increase gender diversity in the resource, allied and construction sectors.

Why Jobseekers Must Focus on Safety in the Interview

07/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Australian employers in the resource industry have a keen focus on one area often overlooked or discounted by jobseekers. If you’re looking for jobs in mining or researching how to break into an offshore job, you’d better spend some time preparing yourself to discuss the topic of safety.

Rock Candy Magazine Launches in Perth

06/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The FIFO community is in for a treat today. The inaugural edition of Rock Candy Magazine is hitting the Perth airports courtesy of the team at Candy Media. The magazine covers everything from music, travel and sport right through to property investment advice.

AWRA - Australian Women in Resources Alliance Now Online

05/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
We’re pleased to announce AWRA has a new web presence loaded with information for anyone interested in an increased participation of females in the Australian resource industry workforce.

March for Melanoma 2012

04/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The 2012 March for Melanoma is the premier skin and sun awareness event in Australia. It’s the opportunity for individuals, friends and families to come together in support of education for skin and sun safety.

Week in Review - 3 March 2012

03/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Our favourite story this week was published on our own blog. Rio Tinto launched their Mine of the Future initiative complete with an interactive website and the Truck Controller game. We were delighted to hear AMMA’s Geoff Bull was appointed commissioner at Fair Work Australia. In other news, more scams against jobseekers, apprentices are dropping out to take unskilled resource jobs and the Northern Territories are looking to hire locals for their oil and gas projects. 

Careers Advice to Jobseekers Direct From Employers

02/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Have you noticed how much conflicting information is available about how to get a job? Narrow your search for jobs in mining, oil industry jobs or energy jobs and opinions become wide-ranging. That’s why we decided to call on the AMMA membership to let us know exactly what resource industry hiring managers are thinking.

Resume Advice Women Need to Hear

01/03/2012 05:00 AM / AMMA Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The way men and women approach their resume is very different. Women aren’t presenting themselves as well as they could. As a result, they’re often not getting the job they want or the salary they expect.

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