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BREE: Australian Resources Industry Still Going Strong

30/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
It’s hard to know what to believe about the resources industry in Australia. With media coverage fluctuating between boom and bust stories, jobseekers are left slightly dazed and confused. A new report from the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE) tells the real story and it’s good news.

LinkedIn is NOT a Substitute for a Resume, Jobseekers

29/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Social networking is a terrific aid to your job search. It’s hard to imagine anyone trying to find a job without some element of ‘social’ in the mix. It’s important to remember, however, that even an online job search requires all the same steps any jobseeker would take to secure a job.

Expat Life: Two Things You Can’t Control

28/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
An article in The Washington Post detailed a recent trend for skilled workers to leave their country of birth in order to find work. Australia is an ideal destination for skilled workers from countries with high unemployment due to our continuing skills shortage. But the expat life is not as glamorous as it sounds.

Research Says Skilled Migration Major Benefit to Regional Areas

27/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
New research focused on the impact skilled migration has on regional Australia reports positive results. Dr. Rosylin Cameron led a research team at CQUniversity who studied the Gladstone region in Queensland. Like many regional towns in Queensland and Western Australia, Gladstone is experiencing high demand for skilled workers on the back of the resources sector, specifically in construction jobs for CSG/LNG projects. 

The Gladstone Skilled Migration Research Report investigated economic, social and cultural contributions of skilled migrants and their families. The study proves how crucial skilled migrants are in resource regions.

Workplace Gender Equality Act Positive for Women and Men

26/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The landmark Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 passed through the Australian parliament last Thursday night. The new act supports equal pay for women and encourages great female participation in the workforce. Both points have been part of the AWRA agenda which addresses the gender equality subject in the Australian resources industry.

Interview Advice to GenY Jobseekers: Perception is Reality

23/11/2012 05:00 AM / Maria Younan, Joint Director, Bogong Management Services
Guest blogger Maria Younan shares her thoughts on how Gen Y can be more effective in job interviews. Her experience shows they are highly informed and socially capable but don’t always present well during the interview process. The often appear to lack respect for the process of formal interviews which works against them when hiring decisions are made.

3 Academic Scholarships for Mining Careers Now Open

22/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining oil and Gas Jobs
If you’re currently at university and studying towards a career in mining, you may want to investigate three scholarships currently on offer in the areas of engineering and mining rehabilitation. If a mining job is in your future, you might want to look into these opportunities.

5 Things to Avoid Posting on Social Media + 3 Items to Include

21/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
If you’re using the internet to conduct your job search – and we hope you are – you’re obviously comfortable operating in an online environment. You probably have social networking site of your own. Do you know what social networking activity will get you in trouble with hiring managers? Better yet, do you know what kind of posts will impress them?

Our Tarkine, Our Future

20/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Tasmania has more than a 120-year-long history of mining. It also has an unemployment rate far higher than the national average. The Our Tarkine, Our Future group supports a responsible mining agenda which would see thousands of jobs created while only affecting 1% of the Tarkine region. Yesterday, the resource industry employer group AMMA, came out in support of mining development in Tasmania.

What Is It Like to be a Fitter?

19/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Fitters are one of the most difficult roles for resources industry employers to recruit and fill. When it comes to mining jobs, fitters are in high demand and short supply. Becoming a diesel fitter in the resources industry is a great career move for anyone wanting a skilled trade.

Santos Great Bike Ride for Charity

16/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
A very cool example of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Australian oil and gas industry takes place on the 25th of November in Perth. The Santos Great Bike Ride for Charity is an annual cycling event held in Western Australia since 2004. Santos sponsors the event which is owned by the Rotary Club of Perth.

What Employers Need From Jobseekers to Close the Skills Gap

15/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
A fascinating 60 Minutes segment from the USA addressed the skills gap where 3,000,000 jobs are going unfilled even though there’s record unemployment. In what appears to be a global trend, employers are struggling to find employees with the right skills to do the job. Much of what was said in this interview holds true for Australian employers and jobseekers.

Jobseekers, Don’t Fall for This!

14/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
One thing that never fails to get us riled up at Mining Oil and Gas Jobs is a job scam. The con artists are everywhere, trying to get your money and promising false hope in finding a mining job. We’ve noticed a few new tricks and town and wanted to share them to help you avoid getting taken in.

Career Advice: Adopt a “New Employee” Attitude

13/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
At one time or another, we’ve all been a newbie. The first days or weeks of a new job are usually spent behind a cloud of enthusiasm and high expectation. Like a new love affair, a new job is exciting; it’s easy to get motivated to go to work. After you’ve been in a new role for a while, or even many years, it can be a much different story. If you want to reinvigorate your career, try thinking about what you were like during your first week.

Industry Driven Skills New Focus for Queensland Training

12/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce delivered their final report to government last week with good news for people wanting to get into mining or construction. The recommendations outlined in the report suggest government funding should be focused on skills shortages in industry and be reduced for areas where there is little or no need for skills.

Networking Your Way to Your Next Job

09/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
How many times have you heard, “It’s who you know” when it comes to getting a job in the Australian resources industry? Having a healthy network certainly helps in all facets of your career, but there’s more to it than knowing a few people. Are you really working your network as well as you could be?

Skilled Migration Trend Positive for Australia Resources Industry

08/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
New research by Edith Cowan University (ECU) points to multiple benefits of using temporary skilled migration in the Australian resources industry. Despite concern about foreign workers taking jobs from Australians, the research shows the temporary visa holders benefit the current Australian workforce, employers and the nation.

6 Winning Tips For Getting Your Resume Across the Line

06/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
With the Melbourne Cup billed as ‘the race that stops the nation’ in Australia and the USA presidential election in a dead heat, we couldn’t help but think about what it takes for a jobseeker to get across the line and secure the resources jobs they want. A recent article at thinkSMART resumes provides terrific advice for what you need to do for a winning resume.

The Mining Life: It’s Not For Everyone

05/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Getting a job in mining or oil and gas isn’t as hard as you might think. Make a few concessions to your current lifestyle and you might be surprised at how many opportunities are available. You might also discovery the mining life is not for you.

Skilled Migrants from Asia to Bolster Australia Workforce

02/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Australia is perfectly positioned to take advantage of skilled workers from Asia according to the Asian Century White Paper, a new report released last month by the Federal government. Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, spoke to the need for bringing in more skilled workers to help build Australian industry.

Movember Raising Funds for Prostate Cancer and Male Mental Health

01/11/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Today marks the beginning of Movember, an annual initiative to address men’s health issues including prostate cancer and mental health issues. It’s a great opportunity to raise money and have fun at the same time.

Free Mine Safety Roadshow Events in Western Australia

11/10/2012 05:00 AM / Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
The Department of Minerals and Petroleum (DMP) in WA is sponsoring free roadshows to address mine safety issues surrounding fatigue, supervision, construction and maintenance. The 2012 Mines Safety Roadshow is part of an annual series presented by Resources Safety.

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