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Do You Know What to Expect From a Pre-start Meeting?

Posted: 22/10/2012 5:00:00 AM by Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
Filed under: Energy, Job-seekers, Mining, Oil-and-gas, Construction

With so much construction going on in the Australia resources industry – and many more projects in full production mode – the pre-start meeting held at the start of every shift might be the most important part of your day. Do you know what to expect from the pre-start and how to get the most out of this critical daily meeting?

What is a pre-start meeting?

A mandatory meeting for all people working on a shift, attending the pre-start meeting is the way nearly every resources worker starts the work day. The meeting can be large or small depending on your work crew. It will be conducted by the leading hand or supervisor and will include all members of your crew.

Information sharing

While the pre-start meeting is mandatory, most people enjoy going because it’s a chance to see everyone working on your crew. Besides getting the necessary site information needed for the day, it’s also a chance to catch up with what’s going on with other workers. The sort of information you get includes:

  • Work and training schedules and where they might be in conflict
  • Any known site hazards and associated safety issues
  • Progress report on site production
  • Update on construction schedules
  • Any in-house employment opportunities that may be arising

Why is the pre-start important?

Safety hazards documented on a construction siteMore than anything, it’s a chance for everyone on your crew to meet and get updated on what’s happening on the site. It’s a critical time for sharing information about the progress of the project but also to inform workers of any safety or health issues they need to know about. Lastly, it ensures the project continues to run smoothly and everyone is working from the same knowledge about project goals, procedures, training and scheduling.

Information on Other Projects

Since information about job completion and related redundancies is transferred through the pre-start meeting, it is no surprise information about other ongoing or up-and-coming projects is also a big feature. This is particularly true during the construction phase, since most workers begin to look for more work as a project winds down to completion.

How you contribute to the pre-start meeting

A daily meeting might sound a bit excessive until you’re actually on a site. It’s a terrific opportunity for workers to contribute personal insight into how the project is progressing with co-workers and supervisors. Some of the things you might want to mention include:

  • Safety hazards 
  • Questions about the project
  • Concerns about productivity issues
  • Annual leave or changes to your roster
  • Training requests

While you’re there to receive information about what’s happening that particular day on the site, it’s also meant to be a time for workers to express concerns or raise issues. It’s also a time to share a joke, lend support and generally bond with your team mates. The goal of the meeting is to get the day started in the best way possible and constructive input and positive contributions from workers are always appreciated.

For in-depth information, visit the Pre-Start Meeting article of our Mining Lifestyle Guide.

What else happens at the pre-start meeting?

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Image courtesy of C. K. Hartman on Flickr.  

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